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Non-contact car washes

The offer of our products is prepared in particular to manufacturers of washing equipment, but also to people who want to invest their capital in a safe and profitable business. We cooperate with many partners and market leaders in the field of petrol industry. Our knowledge is reflected in professionalism as well as the quality of services provided.


High quality steel parts welded, hot-dip galvanized with possibility of powder painting in the Duplex system. Our Roofs are made of trapezoidal sheet metal or curved polycarbonate sheets.
We meet the quality requirements for welding metal materials. We can carry every project based on drawings provided by clients or our architects Our company also provides Installation Service


Is the most important element of outdoor advertising of the building. Made of powder coated aluminum sheet. Illuminated using LED modules attract the attention of a potential client.

Standard size:
height: from 400mm to 900mm


The face of the pillar made of profiled aluminum, powder coated, pictograms are made of pressed plexiglass with glued foil and illuminated internally by LED diode illumination.


Are made to facilitate the direction of entry and exit. They are made of profiled aluminum sheet, with internal illumination graphic elements. The standard height is 1,2 m.


Is an additional element of the car wash. designed to allow easy attachment and cleaning of vehicle sidewalks. Made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.


Every professional car wash should have at his station a platform. Is a steel structure that allows free access to the entire surface of the car. they are made of galvanized steel


These are steel elements that protect the devices against mechanical damage. they are made of powder-coated steel


Thanks to this device the customer is not exposed to the dust and dirt. Made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.


These signs are generally fabricated from acrylic and using LED lighting modules. Other sheet materials and fabricating processes can be deployed depending on the designer requirements and application. The way the lettering uses illumination can also vary. Lettering faces and sides might be decorated with translucent coloured film, printed film or actual translucent acrylic.